About Us

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I became very aware of the harmful toxins in our environment. I stopped using harsh cleaning products, started reading up on artificial fragrances, dyes, and chemicals and cut out anything that could potentially harm my baby. Three daughters later, I felt confident that I was keeping as much junk out of my body as possible but found myself battling melasma and an overall dull complexion. I began to seek out solutions but quickly became frustrated by the lack of effective, clean products on the market. I felt like I was being forced to decide between pure, non-toxic ingredients and products that are effective in giving a skin a sexy, alluring glow. 
PūrΛllure was born out of a relentless pursuit to have it all.  
Now, we have a product line-up that rivals even the highest end of the beauty spectrum. With cutting-edge innovation and a commitment to purity, our scientists have developed high-performing products without the use of irritants and harmful ingredients. Our skincare stands out in the crowd, delivering on our promise of powerful purity, leaving you wanting nothing, and truly having it all.